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Hikers on the eastern ghats, all roving far and wide,
Struck up a conversation about pollution's cruel tide.
Plastic waste clogging forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes,
Leaves estuaries and ponds in terrible, filthy states.

But these hikers were not content to sit and let it be,
They formed a team and named it "Roha ( రోహా, रोहा, ரோஹா)" meaning sprouting life.
Inspired by nature's ways, they set out to create,
Sustainable materials that could transform the packaging state.

It all started with a question...

Do we need to packaging that takes 500 years to decompose for a *purpose* that serves less than a year?
In Mother Nature there is no concept called waste, nature developed technologies with R&D over billions of years through evolution that humans can create the products we need and we love while remaining in harmony.
At Roha biotech we looked at the nature’s abundance. We observed materials produced by mushrooms, plants, animals, insects, all and everything in nature and in this journey we developed a deep connection with nature which inspired Roha’s research into developing new materials
Mission Roha
Roha biotech is a sustainable materials committed to development and biomanufacturing of new generation materials, Driven by innovation, customer needs and environmental considerations. We are currently developing alternative packaging using mycelium biocomposites to those who are in need to transport packaging
Why packaging?
Packaging supply chain had a blind spot when it comes to acknowledge the environmental costs as this part is not on the forefront of consumers. Consumers have limited choice when it comes to the choice of packaging. What needed now is to empower this supplychain with new sustainable materials to transform the supply ready for this needs to new businesses and consumers.
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